Got hit by DMCA.

So ya, took down old chapters and no more new chapters.

Will get back with updates.

Oh man……this novel is never seeing an end.

Not sure if it is from competition or the original copyright holder.

Will try to contact the author and try to continue.


14 thoughts on “DMCA

  1. Out of all the people who have picked this up, why are you the one getting hit with a DMCA? Why couldn’t it have been Meteor who doesn’t even wanna work on this or any novel….


    1. Now that I think about it, Mete would be Meteor at Rebirth who contacted you right? Possible it may be the same person who got you DMCA’d…..well, worst case, just go with Rebirth. At least we’d still get Konjiki and Rebirth would take any legal trouble instead of you.


      1. I had been trying to contact meteor even before all this had happened.
        But, they are not returning my emails.
        I just sent a fresh mail and honestly, I can do nothing if I don’t get a reply.
        Hoping things work out somehow otherwise this is pretty much over.


  2. Might be best to contact someone else over at Rebirth. Try their Discord….worst case, try messaging one of the other Rebirth team members. I don’t think contacting Meteor is gonna get you anywhere.


    1. Thing is I never got to talk directly with Mete either.
      I had been talking with Rebirth all along as they had been mediating between us.
      Looks like I have gotten on their bad side. They are not communicating, I have been DMCA’d. All great things.
      Btw on the off note, I am about 90% sure I got DMCA’d by someone resenting me. Not any original copyright holder.
      If it is true and this is how someone treats a translator who is desiring to take up a job actively, then it is a big loss.


  3. Rebirth is acting like little bitches , seriously your translation was a lot better than their mtl gatbage.

    Any chance you can file a dmca counter claim or are there any obvious symptoms such as the dmca coming from a shady yahoo or hotmail address.


    1. I am about 90% sure I got DMCA’d by someone resenting me. Not any original copyright holder.
      And as for shady……I do think so. But really how to confirm that?
      As for counterclaim, Let’s see what can be done.


      1. I hope you can work something out….even worst case, you could try doing it through Asian Hobbyist. On the plus side, Meteor hates them 🙂 b


  4. I don’t think there’s a problem with them myself, but most translation groups seem to hate them. They’re more the translate for profit type of group. If a series doesn’t get enough attention, they tend to drop it without notice. I think Konjiki would get attention, so…give it a shot if you have no other option.


    1. Before I forget, Baka-Tsuki has a page dedicated to Konjiki that doesn’t usually get updated, so you can try asking them to host as well.


      1. Hey man thanks. You are being very helpful.
        I am exploring a few options too myself.
        This being the first DMCA in 315 chapters, it is quite evident that it would look fishy to anybody.
        Oh well. what is done is done. Will keep you posted, thanks!


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